The Southwest Florida Gladiators

The Southwest Florida Gladiators are the only team in the 941 area code to have ever won an Florida Football Alliance Championship.  In fact, we won the championship in 2015, 2018 and 2019! This makes choosing the team you want to play for easy.  Do you want to play and have a chance at a championship ring?  If you do you want to play for the Gladiators.

We film every regular season home game in Hi Definition so you can get film.  We have the best coaching staff in the league. We have to most well attended practices and the most organized practices. We have the best 4 way stretch uniforms.  We are a family playing and winning football games together.

There are other teams, some that play in lesser leagues and some just don't have a realistic chance to win.  But there is only one proven winner, the Southwest Florida Gladiators!

PRACTICES ARE MANDATORY. If you don't come to practice you will not play.  Our success depends on intense, high quality practice. We understand previous commitments (work, family, church), but you will need to make arrangements for the one night a week that we will have practice.