2021 Season Player Participation Fees


Tryouts are $35. If you did not play with us last year, attendance at a tryout is required. This gives our coaching staff an opportunity to evaluate your talent one on one. If you make the team, your tryout fee will be applied towards your registration.


Player registration is $35. Player registration must be paid and liability waiver signed before you will be allowed to participate with the Southwest Florida Gladiators.


Team and League fees are $250 for the 2021 season. All fees must be paid before the first regular season game. We have sporting event volunteer opportunities where your fees can be paid. Talk to Head Coach Gerald Perry for full details.

All fees are due by by the first game of the season. You will not play if your fees are not paid or if you are not on an approved payment plan.


Some games are up to 6 hours away. Players can car pool but may be asked to help pay for the cost of fuel. Cost will depend on distance. Sometimes we may rent a bus or several vans. There will be a cost per player to cover that cost. Lodging is up to the player if required. Most away game trips are done in a single day, and do not require a hotel stay. Players must be on time for pregame, so make sure you get off work early enough to make it with time to spare.


We lover partnerships. Player fees are expected to bring in less than a third of our 2021 budget. If you own, work for, are a customer of, or know of any business that may be interested in partnering with the 2021 Gladiators, please direct them to our sponsor page, or have them contact us at swflgladiators@outlook.com or (727)744-0897.