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NEW! Gladiators Official Championship Tee Shirt

Show you are a true Gladiator fan with the awesome new Championship Tee Shirt.

They are available and are only $15 for most sizes. $18 for 2x and up. 

​Available at the next home game on March 7th.

Gladiators Official Fan Jersey

Show your Gladiator Spirit with these cool official team fan jerseys. They are made at the same factory as the Gladiator team uniforms and are custom crafted with your favorite player's Name and Number. Never before has a fan jersey been available. They are the same exact color as what the Gladiators wear on the field but are designed to be comfortable for fans.

Since they are all custom made, we will only be ordering them a couple of times per year. The order cutoff date will be March 7th 2020. So, if you want to get your very own Gladiator Fan Jersey with your special player's name and number on it order now. Delivery will be some time in March. Remember, each and ever jersey is hand crafted with your favorite player's name and number on it, because of this it does take some time. But the good news is they are only $40.00 each!

​To order, just click on this Order Form link and download the order form. Fill it in and get it sent off right away.

​There won't be another order placed until next fall so don't wait. Order your jersey and show pride in your player and your team.